Deriving from the story of David defeating Goliath, we came up with “Goliath” representing something hindering you and your relationship with Christ, just as Goliath was in David’s way of saving the Israelites, and “Athletics” representing our focused niche. Our idea is that as you face trials in your life, you still keep fighting on with the five stones God has gifted you.


Our mission is to reach those that haven’t faithfully committed to Christ, through athletic-wear and streetwear. We intend to create a relationship between our designs and working out. We believe these two concepts are lifestyles, which we have successfully fastened together through our clothing.


I currently work from home with assistance from my best friend Ethan Owens. Using a third-party manufacturer, I fulfill orders and drop-ship my products to you guys. I hold zero inventory as my manufacturer handles all of that, which takes a lot of weight off my shoulders thankfully.


As a disciple, what I tell people is that God assigns you tasks that you're expected to fulfill, this being one of mine. These tasks may not be considerably easy, but as long as God sees you trying, He WILL provide you with everything you need. If I were to say I was blessed with this project it'd be an understatement, but I have extreme gratitude for everything that He has given me without needing something back.